The following is a true story that Joseph Snodgrass shared which makes it clear how vital staff communication is:

So, you know how the CP is often the last one to know what’s going on? (We’re always with the kids so they forget to tell us…)

Today there was a memorial service at our church for a member who passed away last Sunday. Not only did I not know about the service, but I didn’t even know that he had passed away! Needless to say, my t-shirt and jeans weren’t suitable for attending and by the time I realized what was going on I didn’t have time to return home and change, so I’m hiding out in my office.

Not only did I not know that the gentleman had passed away or that there was a memorial service but someone failed to mention that there would be a 21 gun salute on the sidewalk right outside my office.

20 minutes into the service I’m sitting in my office staring at my computer when the gun fire starts. All I can hear is “BOOM – shouting – BOOM – shouting – BOOM”… echoing through my office and down the hallway.

I dive to the floor and frantically crawl on my stomach across the room to the door where I stick my head out into the hallway trying to see what’s going on, all the while willing myself not to wet my pants. (All this takes about 15 seconds but feels like 15 minutes.)

I think to myself, “I might be about to die but I have to go out there and help.” I take a deep breath and push up to my knees, seriously wondering if I should tuck and roll into the hallway, and… then I hear the bugle playing taps.

I laid back down on the floor, put my face into the carpet and cried a little, prayed in tongues a little, laughed a little, and then went to the restroom and puked.

Now, 12 hours later, I can laugh at myself.

Ah, the adventures of being a Children’s Pastor!!!

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