Songs Listed Alphabetically


For your convenience, all songs are listed alphabetically with a cross reference to the album where they can be located.

A Dad Like You (Good Buddies, Sing Through the Year)
A Father’s Love (Whispering Wind)
A Little Bit of Love (In My Garden)
A New Song (Wendy & Mary)
ABCs of Praise (ABCs of Praise)
Abraham (In the Beginning)
All Because of Your Cross (Whispering Wind)
All Things Work Together (Lighthouse, Get on Board)
All We Like Sheep (Workmanship)
Angel Band (A Very Mary Christmas)
Animal Aerobics (If I Knew How To Moo)
Animal Alphabet (If I Knew How To Moo)
Another’s Arms (Sleep Little One)
Armor of God (Get on Board)
At Midnight (Come on Home)
A-Wanna Be Like Jesus (Workmanship)
Away in a Manger/Silent Night (Mary Christmas)
Babbling On (In the Beginning)
Banner of Love (Good Buddies, Kids Kamp)
Bartimaeus (Miracle Mud)
Battle Going On (Get on Board)
Be Strong (Workmanship)
Best Gift (Mary Christmas)
Best Story of All (A Very Mary Christmas, Sing Through the Year)
Bethesda [Walk On] (Miracle Mud)
Big Steps for Little Feet (15 Singable Songs)
Books of the Bible (Workmanship)
Boomerang (In My Garden)
Boy and His Doggie (If I Knew How To Moo)
Bread of Life (Whispering Wind)
Bueno Es [It is Good] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
By Their Love (Wendy & Mary)
Call Upon the Lord (In My Garden)
Called on Jesus (Miracle Mud)
Camels Are Coming (A Very Mary Christmas)
Caminare Como Cristo [Walk Like Jesus] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Candy Cane (A Very Mary Christmas)
Celebration Song (Kids Kamp)
Chicken Lips (Good Buddies, Kids Kamp)
Children, Children (Lighthouse)
Christmas Blessing (A Very Mary Christmas)
Christmas Joy/Joy to the World (A Very Mary Christmas)
Clucking Theodore (If I Knew How To Moo), Kids Kamp)
Coin in a Fish’s Mouth (Miracle Mud)
Come as Little Children (Get on Board)
Come Meet Jesus (Come Meet Jesus)
Come on Home (Come on Home)
Come To Me (Sleep Little One)
Co-operasaurus (Good Buddies)
Create in Me/Children of the King (15 Singable Songs)
Cristo Me Ama [Jesus Loves Me] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Daddy’s Snore (Good Buddies)
Dance of Life (Whispering Wind)
Dancing in the Desert (Dancing in the Desert)
Dear God (Sleep Little One)
Deep and Wide (ABCs of Praise)
Different Drum (Get on Board)
Don’t Dig a Hole (Come on Home)
Dream Big Dreams (Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart DVD)
Easter Rise Up (Sing Through the Year, Come Meet Jesus)
Empty Vessel (Whispering Wind)
En Casa De Abuelita [Gramma’s House] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
En Mi Coraz´n [Down in My Heart] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
En Mi Huerto [In My Garden] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Everybody Has a Body (Lighthouse)
Everywhere (ABCs of Praise)
Eye Has Not Seen (Workmanship)
Farmer and the Sheep (Come on Home)
Favored One/What Child Is This? (A Very Mary Christmas)
Fear Not (Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Fe Dios [God Did] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Feed My Lambs (Juggling Mom)
Fingerprints (Juggling Mom, Kids Kamp)
First Christmas Day (Mary Christmas)
First Heartbeat (Juggling Mom, Lighthouse)
Follow That Star (Mary Christmas)
For All the Children (Juggling Mom)
For I Am Not Ashamed (Workmanship)
Forgive (Come on Home)
Fue Dios [God Did] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Garment of Praise (Get on Board)
Get on Board (Get on Board, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Gimme Self Control (In My Garden)
Give ’em To Jesus (In My Garden)
Glory (Mary Christmas)
Go Tell It (A Very Mary Christmas)
God Did (15 Singable Songs, Come Meet Jesus)
God Knows What’s Best (In the Beginning)
God Made a Great Big World (In the Beginning)
God Made a Way (Dancing in the Desert)
God of Creation (In the Beginning)
God Wrote Us a Letter (Come Meet Jesus)
God’s Love (Good Buddies)
God’s Not Finished (Lighthouse)
Gonna Go Fishin’ (In My Garden)
Good Buddies (Good Buddies)
Got It All Backwards (Get on Board)
Gramma’s House (Fingerprints, 15 Singable Songs, Sing Through the Year)
Grandpa’s Charm (Kids Kamp)
Grandpa’s Hands (Mary Christmas)
Great Big God That I Know (Fingerprints, Get on Board)
Greedy Guy (Come on Home)
Grow Me Up Like You (Come on Home, In My Garden)
Growing Up (Juggling Mom)
Grumble (Dancing in the Desert)
Happy You Are Mine (ABCs of Praise)
He Can Do (Kids Kamp, Get on Board)
He Cares for You and Me (ABCs of Praise)
He Forgives Me (Come Meet Jesus)
He Made Him (Workmanship)
He Never Sleeps (Sleep Little One)
Hear Oh Israel (Dancing in the Desert, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Heart to God, Hand to Man (Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Herbie the Worm (If I Knew How To Moo)
Here in a Child (A Very Mary Christmas)
Hip Hip Hooray [Hippopotamus] (ABCs of Praise, Kids Kamp, 15 Singable Songs, Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Hold Her in Your Loving Hands [Baby Dedication Song] (Sleep Little One)
Hold On (Lighthouse)
Hold onto Your Horses (Get on Board)
Hole in the Sky (Get on Board)
Hug ‘Em Don’t Bug ‘Em [Say It in Love] (Good Buddies)
Hugs Are Free (Juggling Mom)
I Am Not Ashamed (Dancing in the Desert, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
I Am My Beloveds (Wendy & Mary)
I Can Obey (In the Beginning, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
I Saw Esau (In the Beginning)
I Will Follow You (Come Meet Jesus)
I Will Listen to You (Whispering Wind)
If I Could Give You (Juggling Mom)
If I Knew How To Moo (If I Knew How To Moo)
If I Were a Butterfly (ABC’s of Praise)
Imagine a Christmas (A Very Mary Christmas)
In My Father’s House (Workmanship)
In My Garden (In My Garden, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Instant Breakfast (Wendy & Mary)
It All Begins With You (Lighthouse)
It Is Good (Sing Through the Year, 15 Singable Songs)
I’ve Got the Joy/This Little Light of Mine (ABC’s or Praise)
Jake the Snake (If I Knew How To Moo)
Jammin’ to Bed (15 Singable Songs)
Jesus (Miracle Mud, Whispering Wind)
Jesus, Bright Morning Star (Get on Board, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Jesus Can (Miracle Mud)
Jesus Cares for Everyone (Come Meet Jesus)
Jesus Loves Me (ABC’s of Praise)
Jingle Bells (Mary Christmas)
John’s Song (Workmanship)
Joseph & Mary Blues (Mary Christmas)
Joshua (Dancing in the Desert, Get on Board)
Juggling Mom (Juggling Mom)
Just a Little Person (Kids Kamp)
Just a Prayer (Wendy & Mary)
Just Call Your Local Giraffe (If I Knew How To Moo)
Just One (A Very Mary Christmas)
Keep On [Bartimaeus] (Wendy & Mary)
Let Your Light Shine (Workmanship)
Lighthouse (Lighthouse)
Lion and Lamb (Wendy & Mary)
Little Bit of Love (Miracle Mud, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Little Is Much [Moses Version] (Dancing in the Desert)
Little Is Much (15 Singable Songs, Kids Kamp)
Little Miracle (Good Buddies)
Longing for That Day (Whispering Wind)
Lord I Need You (Come on Home)
Los Peces Llegar´an [The Fish Are Gonna Bite] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Love the Lord Your God (Come Meet Jesus, Dancing in the Desert, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Love With the Love (Miracle Mud, Sleep Little One, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Manger of My Heart (A Very Mary Christmas)
Manners (Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart DVD)
Matilda La Gorila [Matilda the Gorilla] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Matilda the Gorilla (15 Singable Songs, If I Knew How To Moo)
Milagrito [Little Miracle] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Mind of Christ (Get on Board)
Miracle Mud (Miracle Mud)
Miracle of Life (Juggling Mom)
Mistletoe (Mary Christmas)
Moms Are Made That Way (Sing Through the Year)
Moose on the Loose (If I Knew How To Moo)
Morning Star (Come Meet Jesus)
Mother’s Prayer (Juggling Mom)
My God Is So Big (ABC’s of Praise)
My Valentine (Sing Through the Year)
Never Gonna Quit (Lighthouse)
Never Wanna Grow Up (Mary Christmas)
Nightlight (Sleep Little One)
No Greater Joy (Juggling Mom)
No One Else I Know (Good Buddies)
Noah Was a Faithful Man (In the Beginning)
Oh Honey (Come on Home)
Oh What a Variety (In the Beginning)
Only God Can Do (Dancing in the Desert)
Palm Sunday Celebration [Donkey Song] (Come Meet Jesus, Sing Through the Year)
Patriotic Medley (Sing Through the Year)
Peace of God (Sleep Little One)
Peace on Earth Begins at Home (A Very Mary Christmas)
Piddily Things (Juggling Mom)
Plagues (Dancing in the Desert)
Praise Him (Miracle Mud)
Pray (Good Buddies, Come Meet Jesus)
Praying (Sleep Little One)
Promised Land (Dancing in the Desert)
Pumpkin Patch (Sing Through the Year)
Put ’em in a Basket (Dancing in the Desert)
Rahab’s Grace (Dancing in the Desert)
Raising Cain (Juggling Mom, In the Beginning)
Rebekah (In the Beginning)
Resting (Sleep Little One)
Right To My Heart (Whispering Wind)
Rockin’ Ten
Rolled ’em Away (Come Meet Jesus)
Runamock (Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Run Like the Wind (ABC’s of Praise)
Running for the Prize (15 Singable Songs, Kids Kamp)
Say Thank You (Miracle Mud)
Seasons Come and Go (Sing Through the Year)
Senses (Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Sharing Comes Round Again (15 Singable Songs)
Sheep Party (A Very Mary Christmas)
Simeon’s Song (Get on Board)
Sing to the Lord Goodnight (Sleep Little One)
Sing to the Lord, Goodnight Instrumental (Sleep Little One)
Sleep Little One (Sleep Little One, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Sowin’ Seeds of Love (In My Garden)
Splish Splash (15 Singable Songs)
Started With an Egg (In My Garden)
Step by Step (In My Garden)
Streets of Gold (Juggling Mom)
Superman (Kids Kamp, 15 Singable Songs)
Talk to You (Come Meet Jesus)
Teacher Thank You (Sing Through the Year)
Ten Commandments (Dancing in the Desert, Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
Ten Commandments Rap (Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
That’s Why I Need You (Lighthouse)
The Bear Song (If I Knew How To Moo, Sleep Little One)
The Bible (In the Beginning)
The Fish Are Gonna Bite (In My Garden)
The Good Samaritan (Come Meet Jesus)
The Kid Next Door (Lighthouse)
The Little Baby (Mary Christmas)
The Lord Is My Shepherd (ABC’s of Praise)
The Lord’s Prayer (Workmanship)
The Wind Came Singing (Wendy & Mary)
This Is My Father’s World (ABC’s of Praise)
Time to Pray (Miracle Mud)
To Reign With Majesty (Whispering Wind)
Training Wheels (Sing Through the Year)
Turn Your Frown (ABC’s of Praise)
Two Steps Forward (Good Buddies)
Un Corazo´n Limpio [Create in Me] (Canciones para Toda la Familia)
Unsinkable (In the Beginning)
Unwrap the Gift (A Very Mary Christmas)
Up This Mountain (Dancing in the Desert)
Voice of Joy (Wendy & Mary)
Wages (Workmanship)
Walk Like Jesus (15 Singable Songs)
Walking and Singing (Miracle Mud)
Wanna Be a Sheep (Come Meet Jesus)
Wanna Be Like Jesus (Workmanship)
Wanna Say Thank You (Sing Through the Year)
Watch It Grow (Good Buddies)
We Are Your Children (In My Garden)
We Really Do Need Each Other (Wendy & Mary)
We Three Kings (Mary Christmas)
Wedding Feast (Come on Home)
Wedding Prayer (Wendy & Mary)
Welcome Home (Wendy & Mary)
Whale of a Tale (Kids Kamp, Lighthouse)
What If (Mary Rice Hopkins Soundtrack from 3 Episode DVD)
What’s in Your Hand (Dancing in the Desert)
What Seems Impossible (Dancing in the Desert)
Wherever You Go (Get on Board)
Who Is Your Neighbor (Come on Home)
Why Do Ya Worry (Sing Through the Year)
Why Me (Dancing in the Desert)
Will of the Father (Whispering Wind)
Without You (Wendy & Mary)
Workmanship (Workmanship)
Wrap It All Up (Mary Christmas)
You Are Light (Whispering Wind)
You Are My God (Whispering Wind)
You Are My Shepherd (Lighthouse)
You’re Gonna Grow (Come on Home)
You Are the Rock (Come on Home)
Zacchaeus (ABC’s of Praise)


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