Testimonials - Television Program

Testimonials for Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppets with a Heart

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Wow!  “Heart Choices” was a very creative episode with so much power-packed truth into so little time!  When I was a child, my older brother made me watch horror films with him (he was too afraid to watch them alone, and I wanted him to like me!). As a result, I had very severe anxiety throughout childhood and on into my adult years. The connection between the images we watch and the health of our minds is so obvious, I don’t understand why it isn’t addressed in the mainstream culture. But instead they prescribe anti-anxiety drugs like candy!!Thank you, Mary! Your show presented this truth in a very funny way. You are the cutest and loving-est grandma that every child hopes for (loved your dancing granny scene!), your puppets were amazingly used in their morphing scenes and your evil assistants were hilarious! I loved how you employed your well-crafted original children’s songs into the lesson and how you wrapped everything up nicely at the end- even turning the assistants back to real people! I think every child would have clearly understood the point that you were trying to drive home. Maybe some of them will not suffer the anxiety I had to endure for so many years. By the way, the Word of God and His truth has set me free, and I have stayed away from violent and fear-provoking media as much as is in my power to avoid them! (Diane P., 6/16/13)

“I’m in Kampala, Uganda on an Operation Christmas Child distribution trip. Imagine my delight and surprise to turn on my hotel TV and see YOU on the television! The world is small – and your impact is worldwide!” (Jennifer)

“The kids in my catechism class love your program. You and Darcie are both so talented. You should be proud of how your work reaches the hearts of children and adults alike. I’m a senior in high school and watch it all the time!” (Amanda)

“Our children have learned so much watching your show. One of their favorites is the episode teaching the Fruit of the Spirit with the hand motions. My personal favorite is the song, Zip It Up, from another show. ” (Bridgett M. – 7/24/12)

“You have no idea how much of an impact you have made on the lives of all of your viewers and generations thereafter.” (J.C. 6/24/13)

“I am a Mom who has teenagers & we all watch your program every Saturday. We love it! You are very creative and talented-packed. Love the puppets! It is all heart-warming, often makes us laugh and we learn something all the time.” (Ms. Ayesha, 3/12/14)

Your love for kids is shown through every TV show you’ve ever done. Thanks for making a difference in so many lives. (Larry H. 6/14)

Found your program by accident when I was channel surfing in order to find something other than cartoons for my three year daughter. She loves it!! (Melissa E. 6/14)

“I just wanted to say congratulations on the wonderful episode where you partnered with Salvation Army.  You, Darcie and your entire staff did a great job!” (Mike – 8/23/14)
I just watched the new Salvation Army episode and it made me cry!  It was so informative, touching, loving, and respectful.  Mary, you are amazing!  You OVER-DELIVERED with this one! (June Durr, 8/23/14)
“What fun I have sitting down like a kid (a big kid of 78 years) watching your Saturday television program on TBN. I love the action, music, laughter, puppets, visuals, and kids!” (Mary Lou)

“We love Mary’s program. Watched it this morning with my two granddaughters and was so blessed!” (Rosalie)

“My daughter loves your show. I think that it is excellent as it teaches children about the Lord and His word!”  (Ray)

“I like originality and you have it.”  (Wilma)

“What a talented crew and cast.”  (Larry)

“Your program on the Ten Commandments was absolutely wonderful and powerful.”  (Betsy)

“I just had to drop you a quick note to say how much all of our daughter’s children (10 yrs, 8, 6, 3, & 11 months) all enjoy watching your wonderful shows.”  (Bev)

“I saw your show today over lunch and it’s wonderful. I’m 55 years old and I enjoyed it as if I were eight years old!”  (Wilson)

“Great show! My daughter loves your show!  Thank you!!” (Ivonne L., 7/18/13)

“I keep watching to see if you have a concert in our area. I would love nothing more than to bring my grandson to see you in person. He is a special needs child and his attention span is about two minutes. What a blessing when I found your show. I now tape them because when he is hyper I can play your show and he is mesmerized. As soon as your show starts he sits and/or dances with a huge smile the entire time your show is on. Thank you for all you are doing & God bless you.” (Daphne)