Kind Comments

Kind comments from media and fans.

“Mary Rice Hopkins goes all over the country encouraging children and families with her fun, inspirational, Jesus-honoring messages in song. I encourage everyone to search through her web site to see all the ways she helps build The Blessing into the lives of parents and children across our country.”  (John Trent, Ph. D.-Speaker, Author, & President of Encouraging Words)

“Mary Rice-Hopkins is an extremely talented lady and her music is first-class! I regularly select her songs for use during our nationally-syndicated children’s radio program WE KIDS because each is Bible-based and Christ-centered.” (Ken Boone, “Mr. Nick”, WE KIDS Radio, Paradise, CA)

“Spirit-blessed and happy-hearted, sheer fun and Savior-centered describes exactly the music ministry of my good friend, Mary Rice Hopkins. When she starts strumming her guitar and weaving a song, boys and girls can’t help but be caught up in an ecstatic fountain of effervescent praise-filled singing! I have especially enjoyed watching the way Mary Rice involves everybody. She has a rare gift of making each child — even children with severe disabilities — feel loved, accepted and part of the gang!”  (Joni Eareckson Tada, Inspirational Speaker and Author; Founder, Joni and Friends)

“The songs of Mary Rice Hopkins are timeless.”  (Jana Alayra)

“We are very familiar with your ministry and have seen you at ACSI conferences here in Northern California. Our teachers and students love your music!” (Jim W., Principal at Salinas Christian School)

“Mary Rice Hopkins’ love for ministry is especially highlighted by her expert musicianship, song-writing skills, golden voice, and stage presence. Whether she is ‘in concert’ or ‘in front of a camera,’ Mary exhibits the highest level of professionalism. Her experience qualifies her to perform at-will. Mary has a great sense of humor, a love for children of all ages, and, can be trusted to produce a high-quality, inspirational performance.” (Hyland M.)

“I have been immensely blessed by your music… and thoroughly enjoyed it. My name is Judy from Bangalore, India. I’m a YWAMer and had been using your music to spread the love of Jesus to the children in my ministry as well as church. I recently pioneered a Christian Preschool and we have been using your music as our main source of worship.”

“I would like to thank you for the inspiration you bring to so many.   I was looking through my old cassette tapes the other day and came across 2 I had purchased of your songs a few years back now, and I must say they are still in vogue with kids today. I especially love your Hippopotamus song. Thank you for listening to God and inspiring many children who are now adults serving God.” (Bronwyn M., New Zealand – 10/13)

“Love your music, Mary! It’s been a family tradition for 4 generations. Been singing and teaching my kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews for over 23 years and now they are singing with their kids. Been using Mary Rice Hopkins & Company CD in Awana clubs “Cubbies & Sparks” for over 23 years! The Lord has used you in a wonderful way! God bless you as you continue to bless others.” (Tammy-Cubbies & Sparks Harvest Bible Chapel)

“Thanks for always writing, recording and performing awesome, kid-friendly music that not only entertains, but teaches and inspires.” (Teresa Lawrence)

“I taught preschool for MANY years and also taught in a non-public for 14 year, and loved playing and singing your songs to the kids. Even now, songs come to my mind!” (Linda O.)

“Our children’s choir uses your music. They love the songs and the music keeps them wanting to come back the next week.” (Carol Watts Murdock, March, 2015)

“You have had an outstanding career making a difference in children’s lives though music!” (Leah Davies M.Ed – 12/15)

“The blessings of your music are timeless! I was helping in my second grader’s classroom and the teacher told the class to get ready to learn a new Christmas song — her very favorite Christmas song from Mary Rice Hopkins!” (Mona James Stephenson – 12/15/15)

“I had the privilege of taking training with you at two ACSI conventions in previous years. I am the music teacher for grades PreK-3rd at Shorewood Christian in Seattle, WA. I am teaching the children You are My God and they are enjoying it SO much! Thank you for the wonderful curriculum songs you have written and performed.” (Pam Storz – 1/16)

“My kids are in their 20’s and 30’s and grew up with your music in our house. I have just always felt led every time I see a post of yours on Facebook to pray for you and your ministry because it blessed us so much. The other day my 27 year old son was just looking over my shoulder at my FB and said: ‘Are you kidding me? You’re friends with OUR Mary Rice Hopkins?!’ So…keep doing what you’re doing! Generations of kids are blessed.” (Nancy Collins, 2/16)

“My daughter and I loved your recent show in Kaneohe, Oahu. She still hasn’t stopped talking about it. Thank you for the teachings and wonderful impression you’ve made on my little girl. Aloha!” (Nuuanu Kahiapo, 9/15)

“I just wanted you to know how much your music has impacted me personally, and my ministry. I listen to it all the time! I have gotten a friend of mine who is in children’s ministry hooked on your work! I own many of your CD’s. My favorite is Mary Christmas. I have used that a LOT. Our AWANA kids enjoy the In My Garden songs, and we sing them almost every week. I have your adult praise album and listen to it in my car often. You have impacted so many people for the Lord, and I want to thank you for giving of yourself.” (Janelle Stoermer, Redlands, CA 9/15)

“Our extended family got together and the kids made their Operation Christmas Child boxes which are filled with items kids need and are sent worldwide! But first they watched Unwrap the Gift, a DVD featuring Mary Rice Hopkins who teaches the kids, through music and puppets, about loving and giving to others. Thank you, Mary, for the amazing video!” (L. Bowman – 11/15)

“I met you at a conference in 2001 and you trained me how to use puppets and music with kids. I am still working with children. Thank you for the impact you have made to Ethopian children. May the Lord continue to use you to accomplish His purpose for the next generation.” (Yene Zenebe, 12/21/15)

“I grew up on the music of Mary Rice Hopkins and have so many wonderful memories of the songs! I recall getting the chance to meet Mary at Forest Home Christian Conference Center back in grade school, and I was so star-struck. I think I was equally excited when, about ten years later as a Biola University student, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop she did at an ACSI convention. I have used many Mary Rice Hopkins songs in my classroom and VBS programs, with great success and warm welcome from kids and parents.” (Kristin Schmidt)

“VBS wouldn’t be the same without some Mary Rice Hopkins songs.” (Tyler W.)

“I have taught preschool for 22 years and have your videos, CD’s and DVD’s. The children love acting out, singing, and signing the songs, as well as me.” (Vickie B.)

“Mary’s music has been literally ‘instrumental’ in all my children’s lives. I even found myself alone in the car singing with her! Mary, thank you! And most of all thanks be to Him!” (Angela Nuñez, 4/2015)

“We use your songs for our pageants and to teach our children about our wonderful Lord.  We used one of your ideas about the heart that was broken and healed.  We were able to use it in our class to teach the children (who are not all from Christian homes) about God’s healing power and love.  Some of those children came from broken homes and the words we used thru your lessons brought our class healing.”  (Elaine)

“Even when kids are not at our house, my wife and I listen to music by Mary Rice Hopkins!”  (Pastor Jack, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, CA)

“The Mary Rice Hopkins section of our church resource shelves which has all your books, CD’s and DVD’s are the most heavily used of all!” (Gordon T.)

“When I taught first grade in a Christian school, my students always loved your songs. We sang Hip, Hip, Horray every year for our closing program. Everyone’s favorite was always Matilda the Gorilla. I only substitute now, but I still bring those songs with me, so the children can get the wiggles out.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of music!” (Jane R.)

Mary, your music is making the rounds in our family! Our kids & our nephews grew up with you & now so are their kids!” (Betsy V.)
“Before our two boys could even talk, they were bouncing around to Matilda the Gorilla! Your harmonies are exquisite and we love the messages your songs communicate.” (Scott A.)

“God has given you a wonderful talent and you have used it to His glory and touched His people. Everyone who knows you or your music is the better for it.” (Carrie R.)

“I still sing Matilda the Gorilla for my Sunday school class. Your music is a favorite of my grandkids, too!” (Karen H.)

“My Pre-K and K-1 kids love the Hippopotamus Song and Walk Like Jesus, but I think I have more fun than they do! :-)!” (Christy G.)

“I grew up listening to you and now my babies love your songs! They get in the car and say, ‘Mary! Mary!’ Thank you so much!” (Andrea B.)

“Years ago I sang your songs to my kindergarten classes.  Now I play and sing them with my grandkids! Thank you for sharing your wonderful music and talents with so MANY!” (Doris B.)

“Did you ever imagine, when you were singing with Wendy in the late 1970’s, that kids all over the world would be singing your songs? I used your music when I homeschooled my children and plan on buying songs now on iTunes for my grandchildren!” (Susanne D.)

“Mary has an amazing gift for sharing the love of our Creator with children. The music reaches kids at their level without talking down to them. What is even more amazing is how her music reaches adults and helps us to come to the Father as a child. I listen to her music by choice, even when I don’t have kids around, because it helps me to connect with my God.” (Loree)

“Mary, when you started your music ministry about 35 years ago I attended a conference and you were the entertainment. I had just started teaching preschool. I loved your music then and I still use it. I now have a 2 year old granddaughter and you bet she will be singing your songs! I just started a music program in our public schools using your songs. God bless you many times over.” (A. Jolimay, 9/13)

“You have put so much scripture to music that just comes into my head when I need it! Thank you, Mary! I met you years ago and have loved your songs ever since!”  (Vicki)

“Mary Rice Hopkins was a significant cog in the salvation wheel of our family – her songs and videos to my young children were played regularly in our home and were means of the Spirit watering our hearts more and more to Jesus.” (Michael L.)

“We love your songs!!” (Glenda L.)

“So thankful for you and the songs God puts in your heart! They’ve blessed our family (including our grandkids) for so long!” (Donna S.)

“You have blessed tens of thousands throughout your career! Our family sure has been lovingly appreciative to your wonderful message of God’s love to the souls of children and families!” (Karen H.)

“The kids in Sunday school love your songs.” (Lauren)

“Your songs are such a great way for kids to memorize Bible verses. We LOVE using them!”  (Teresa Lawrence)

“My Awana Cubbies LOVE your music!”  (Elizabeth B.)

“Your DVD’s have such great messages for kids.”  (Constance R.)

“I grew up listening to your music and you came to church a few times as well. I have just recently rededicated my life to Christ and I know it would not have happened without growing up with your music. You planted seeds that never died, they just took a long time to sprout. THANK YOU!!!” (Coleman)

“I’ve been using all your music forever — first with our kids, then at their elementary chapels, & in church for all the years after that! When we have grandkids someday, they will be blessed by your music as well. Thank you for using your gifts for Him and leading little ones to grow in Him!” (Betsy)

“I have been sitting for hours now working on a project and listening to your music. Just finished Whispering Wind.  You are sooo talented!! (Rohn R.)

“In my archive of tapes, I still have a Wendy & Mary tape! In my life, you go back to my junior high years and on into the lives of my kids who are now becoming parents. No, that does not make you old — just a long standing blessing!” (Leslee)

“My kids came back from camp singing songs you taught them. Those same kids now teach their own kids those songs. What a blessing you are, Mary!” (Cathie)

“Your songs were/are a staple in our household and children’s ministry! The coolest thing regarding one of your songs was seeing HIGH SCHOOL BOYS singing your Hip Hip Horray (Hippopotamus) song (laughing themselves silly), teaching it to high school girls at a teen camp (body motions and all)! Never underestimate what a blessing you are to God’s Kingdom!” (Patty)

“We played Mary Rice Hopkins Name That Tune one night at kids choir. We had tons of fun!” (Teresa)

“I met you along time ago when I was little. You autographed a Hippopotamus book at a book store for me. I’m 23 right now and I’m still a huge fan of your music!” (Katie)

“At times when I have struggled in my walk of faith, God brought back reminders through song from when I would watch your videos with my kids. Please know that your obedience to God has played a part in God reaching me when I was walking through tough and dark places. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for touching my children as they were growing up, and thank you as well for touching me.”  (Bill)

“Keep sharing God’s Word through your beautiful songs. You are a blessing to all who hear and see you performance.” (Trudy)

“Just sang Matilda the Gorilla with 2nd/3rd graders today while subbing. Thank you for such a fun song! The kids LOVE the chance to be “silly” even at school!”  (Robin)

“Just wanted to let you know what a blessing you’ve been to our family. I was 18 when we had our first daughter. As she grew, she sang and danced with you and your crew through videos. She is now 18 and an aspiring musician who has a heart for children’s ministry. (Angela)

”I want to thank you for the seeds you planted in my life as a young child back in the early 90’s. You made a HUGE impact on me. I am so thankful you are still making music and influencing the lives of children.” (Nicky)

“I taught preschool for 12 years before starting my own family and used your children’s music CD’s ALL THE TIME! I want to thank you for helping our children worship Him! You were always a blessing in my classroom!”  (Tosha)

“I just got a job because of your music! The principal wanted a demo lesson and I played one of your songs and was hired! Thanks and blessings to you!” (Natale)

“My children LOVE the In My Garden CD!! They sing the songs as they go about their day quite often.” (Sarah L.)

“What a joy your songs have been!!! Even when I was younger serving Jesus as a kids church helper your songs were always a favorite. Now as a husband, father, VBS Leader, AWANA leader they are still a favorite! God bless you!’  (Arthur A., 7/3/2013)

“I was shopping at Target the other day and I saw two little girls hanging on their mama’s shopping cart and they were belting out one of your songs! It was so sweet. I didn’t say anything but rather gave thanks to God for your ministry that has reached so many. You know those songs stick with you for a lifetime. It’s truly precious to recall the lyrics and still apply those truths to our daily lives and decisions we make.” (Angela N., July 14, 2013)

“Thank you so much Mary for your beautiful music! The children here at our daycare love to sing along to all your songs!” (Ray & Geri, Guam)

“I still sing songs from 20 years ago! God definitely knew what He was doing when He chose you and gave you these songs!” (Linda O.)

“I teach at a Catholic preschool. The kids love Mary Rice Hopkins!” (Theresa D.)

“I grew up listening to your music. It was my favorite to listen to — especially at night when it was time to sleep.” (Jennifer)

“My daughter listens to your music all the time. Looking forward to watching your TV show with the family.” (Derek O.)

“Our family loves your show. You have a wonderful ministry to children.” (Alana D.)

“I’m hooked on your music!  You are wonderful at what you do.” (Paula J.)

“So thankful for all you do for Children’s Ministry!”  (Tarah L.)

“My preschool kids love your Hipp song.”  (Tim V.)

“I was recently introduced to your music and I really enjoy it!”  (Dean B.)

“Mary is an awesome Christian musician who writes music for kids and families. She rocks my Kindergarten world!!” (Tracy V.)

“Your music touches the lives of children everywhere.” (Linda S.)

“Children around the globe will be singing your songs for generations to come! Thank you so much for years of dedication to our kids!” (Ivy B.)

“My kids loved your music…..(and all my music students loved it!) and now my daughter’s daughter will learn your songs!” (Donna J.)

“Your songs are GREAT!!! I started using them with my nieces, then in my classroom, now with my boys, and just last year my all time favorite song Hip Hip Hip Hippopotamus during VBS!!! You and your songs are timeless!!” (RuthAnn D.)

“After all these years, I still am singing your songs in the car with your tapes! You are with me wherever I go!!”  (Linda R.)

“Back in the 90’s I used your songs in our Kid’s Praise Services as a Children’s Minister. Now, as a grandmother, I’m using your timeless music with the next generation.”  (Connie W.)

“My husband and I are teachers and we have been teaching overseas for four years. We taught at a small Christian school in Montana before that. In 2005 or 2006, we went to an ACSI Conference in Portland and you were presenting there. I was teaching preschool at the time, and fell in love with your songs. I used Animal Aerobics and Animal Alphabet in my preschool as well as Fish Are Gonna Bite, Books of the Bible, and Little Bit of Love. We spent one year in the Philippines working as missionaries and I taught the children there your songs. They loved them and the missionary there uses them all the time. We teach at a Christian school in Korea now and we use some of your songs in our Elementary Chapel Worship. We took 19 of our high school students on a mission trip to the Philippines (where we used to work) last week and they enjoyed all of your songs as well. I’ve taught seminars on early childhood here in Korea and in the Philippines and I use your songs in my seminar. I just want to say thanks for your inspiring songs from scripture and your fun children’s songs. I buy them on iTunes so I can take them everywhere we go on my iPod! God bless your work and your ministry.” (Beth)

“I just wanted to write you and tell you that my mom was one of your biggest fans. She would always listen to your music. We would sing together in the car and at church. My mom passed away when I was like 7 and not a day goes by I forget her or your music. You are a wonderful artist. She loved your music and shared it with anyone she could. I hope one day I get to meet you or see you play your music so I feel my mom is still with me through your music. I hope to pass on your music to all my nephews as nieces and one day children of my own. Thank you for making the music you do. It does have a great impact on people. Especially me and my family. God bless you.” (Elizabeth H.)

“Today in our daughter’s class, the teacher pulled out a picture of a hippo. When the teacher asked her what it was, she got up and started singing Hip Hip Hippopotamus! (Ernesto S.)