Creative Dramatics

1. Captures attention and helps students remember. After 30 days, students remember: 10% of what hear; 15% of what see; 20% what hear and see; 40% of what discuss; and 80% of what they do.  Every time kids move in an organized manner, full brain activation and integration occurs, and the door to learning opens.

2. Causes Bible stories and characters to come alive. (The boys and girls in the picture above are getting ready to perform the story of Naomi and Ruth.) The information is presented in a transforming way! Drama helps children become emotionally involved with Biblical characters. This attachment helps boys and girls experience the Bible characters feelings and decisions which helps them apply those situations to every day life.

3. Creative dramatics creates enjoyable learning. Proverbs 15:2 (TLB) says: “A wise teacher makes learning a joy.”

4. Apply the principles:

a. Plan thoroughly.
b. Promote involvement.  Children are born actors! Some kids just need encouragement.
c. Praise repeatedly.
d. Participate with the boys and girls.
e. Peruse (examine in detail) your pupils.  Know them!
f. Prepare questions for follow up.  How would you feel if your best friend needed help, but there were lots of people in the way? How did the man feel as he was lowered to Jesus while everyone was watching? How would someone who was listening to Jesus have felt about such a major interruption?
g. Pack ideas. Collect and post on Pinterest.